Imbue Botanicals Veterans Discount Program

Posted by Tom Bauer on Aug 10th 2017

Imbue Botanicals Veterans Discount Program

A few weeks ago, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted overwhelming (24 to 7) to include the Veterans Equal Access Amendment in the upcoming Fiscal Bill. The Veterans Equal Access Amendment would lift the "gag order" that currently prevents V. A. doctors from discussing the benefits of medical cannabis therapy. In essence it states:

Veterans Equal Access Amendment

This bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to authorize VA health care providers to: (1) provide veterans with recommendations and opinions regarding participation in their state's marijuana programs, and (2) complete forms reflecting such recommendations and opinions.

Unfortunately, once it reached the House Rules Committee, it was blocked by the Republican Chairman. One can argue that, given the epidemic proportions that opioid use and addiction have reached in the Veterans’ community, a stand against this simple proposal on political grounds seems downright absurd, and maybe even heartless.

Citing a VA Office of Inspector General’s report, the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law (CERL) said: “Between 2010 and 2015, the number of veterans addicted to opioids rose 55 percent to a total of roughly 68,000. This figure represents about 13 percent of all veterans currently prescribed opioids.”

“More than 50 percent of all veterans enrolled and receiving care at VHA (Veterans Health Administration) are affected by chronic pain, which is a much higher rate than in the general population,” said a 2014 VA report. “Veterans who suffer from chronic pain also experience much higher rates of other co-morbidities and socioeconomic dynamics (disability, joblessness) that may contribute to the challenges of pain management when treated by opioids.”

We do know that more and more Veterans are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids, giving them safer, more reliable relief. You’d think that Congress would like to enable these Veterans to have a frank discussion with their physician about other alternatives, wouldn’t you?

Could CBD be the answer?

What we also know is that Veterans are discovering the benefits of hemp CBD, which experts believe provides the health benefits of medical marijuana without the THC that can result in the “high” people experience with marijuana. And unlike medical marijuana which requires a recommendation from a physician in those States where it is legal, CBD refined from hemp does not. Which is why, we believe, more and more Veterans are finding their way to Imbue.

So in an effort to support our Veterans, and in light of the recent Congressional action, Imbue is pleased to announce our Veterans Discount Program, offering exceptional discounts on our products. For details, click here.

If you are Veteran, visit our website and get signed up today. Or if you know a Veteran who might benefit from our program, please direct them to our site.

As always, in small way, we’d like to help make a difference. And to our Veteran readers and customers, THANK YOU for your service!

with all our best,